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Each and every product is designed and hand crafted by our gifted florists.


We can also fashion the floral design based on your specifications. Let us know the recipient, e.g. your relationship with them, their personality and likings, the occasion (if there is one) and your preferences of material, theme and colour tone. We shall work towards the perfect design for you.  We also offer floral decorations for corporate and private events. Here are some of our floral designs for your purchase:

Pink Garden Rose - Gratitude

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Product Details

Pink roses symbolize the meaning of flower language such as the declaration of love, confession, touching of love, concern, care, youth, first love, and so on. Love makes people feel comfortable, both parties give each other in love, and giving pink roses to each other is a gesture of gratitude. Pink roses symbolize the beautiful first love of adolescence, can give people a gentle and quiet feeling, represent a vow to love, and hope that the other party can start a new relationship with themselves. Pink roses can be used as bouquets to express care, concern, and care, and encourage each other to cheer up as soon as possible.

Suggestion: Pink roses are very suitable for giving to each other when confessing, and this bouquet uses three to four different shades of pink roses as if telling each other that I will love you more and more in the future.

粉色的玫瑰象徵著愛的宣言、告白、愛的感動、關心、關懷、青春、初戀等花語的意義。 愛情讓人感到舒適,雙方都在愛情中互相付出, 把粉色的玫瑰送給對方是表示感謝。粉色玫瑰象徵青春期美好的初戀,能給人溫柔安靜的感覺, 代表對愛情的誓言,希望對方能和自己開始新的戀情。粉色的玫瑰可以表示關懷,關心和照顧的意思,鼓勵對方早日振作起來。


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