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The white sunflower embodies optimism and confidence. The blue hydrangea is a symbol of romance, beauty, and most importantly, harmony. Other than the selection of blossoms, this product is becoming a customers’ favourite because the use of flower box has made it a more versatile gift, say, for a grand opening or a corporate event.


Tip from the florist: If you are looking for a floral décor for a friend’s new house or office, this flower box would be the one.


Selected blooms and greens: Blue hydrangeas, white sunflowers

Blue hydrangeas, white sunflowers

    • Please place your order at least 3 days prior to delivery.
    • To ensure our fresh flower products are delivered in the best condition possible, we typically make them on the day of delivery.
    • The floral materials illustrated in the pictures below may be substituted with the freshest and most compatible alternatives, depending on the supply and quality of the blooms and greens available.
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