About us


We  dedicate 10% of our profit to community initiatives

Founded in 2016, we are a floral studio and an aspiring social enterprise in Hong Kong. Our name marries “purity” with “craft”, a reminder to ourselves that we began with the purest of intentions – our passion for arts and crafts and the stories behind them. We would like to regard ourselves as a channel for love, various forms of love – your love for art, your love for that special someone, your love for new beginnings, your love for the little things in life. Every purchase you make at us is a dose of encouragement to local craftsmanship and an affirmation of our values.


Floral Studio in Hong Kong


Our Team comprises of passionate person in art and florist.  

The owner, C. Haruka, is a Japanese Hongkonger graduated from HKU with a master’s degree in fine arts. She believes art is what makes us human and finds a sense of purpose in running the studio.


Our Chief Florist, Sally Chau, is a true artist at heart with an adventurous spirit. Mindful not to be restrained by conventions, she has demonstrated her unique take on floral aesthetics with an incredible portfolio of work. 

Our advisor, Yung Ching, is a seasoned business executive possessing extensive experience in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives of corporations. Yung Ching, too, believes art liberates us and unleashes his creativity in his other capacity as an author (Instagram@yungchg).


Our Studio is located in Tai Kok Tsui, approximately a 10-minute walk from Prince Edward MTR station / Mongkok MTR station / Olympics MTR station. Its proximity to the Flower Market also allows us to provide you with fresh, blooming flowers imported just hours before delivery.


Adorned with naturally dried flowers, our 300-square foot studio offers a space for creativity and intimacy, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Adding to its artistic vibe, we have placed a piano and an acoustic guitar for our customers and florists (and ourselves - music is another form of art we hold in high regard).


We are partnering with and /or making contributions to the following charitable organizations: