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Floral Workshops

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We hold workshops everyday, to your convenience.

In this day and age, with the abundance of options and unprecedented convenience, we are multi-tasking more so than ever, constantly stretching our mind to achieve more within the finite waking hours we have each day. Perhaps it is for this reason that our floral workshops have become a popular afterwork and weekend activity in which our customers find their inner peace by dedicating those two hours of undivided attention to a single task.

We believe that floristry, like other forms of art, is for all. Whether you are entirely new to floristry or a seasoned florist already, our floral instructors will conduct the workshop according to your interests and needs.  


What made our workshop unique?


We limit the workshop size to 8 , so our instructors can attend closely to your needs. 


Our workshops focus on practical skills and techniques, and are beginners-friendly.


We hold workshops every day, which allows you to join at your most convenience.


Our workshop fees include all materials that you will need for the workshop.


Our studio is conveniently located at Central, with only 3 minutes walk from MTR.


We are committed to dedicating 10% of workshop profit to community initiatives.

New!  Floristry certificate

Select 3 workshops of your choice + earn a certificate

only $1880

Florist at work

Bouquet class

Surprise that special someone with a bouquet with a twist, your own twist.

Floral arrangement

Freshen up your room with a self-made floral arrangement. 


Floral craft

Unleash the artist in you, make your own artistic piece from scratch.

Wedding bouquet

Handmade your wedding bouquet in your style, create memories of a lifetime.


Important Note to Floral Workshop Participants

Workshop Duration

Typically, floral arrangement and floral décor workshops are 1.5-2 hour long, and bouquet workshops 2 hour-long. Of course, the workshop duration also depends on the participants’ progress as well as the studio’s schedule on the day of the workshop.

Arrangements of Floral Materials

There is no gurantee that a certain flower or material will be in stock. Our florist will prepare the best for you.

Rescheduling of Workshops

Certain workshop materials (e.g. imported flowers, décor containers, etc.) require pre-ordering. If rescheduling of workshops is required, please inform Puricraft at least 10 days before the original date of workshop. An additional fee of $200 will be charged for any rescheduling within 10 days before the original date of workshop. Workshop fees are not refundable.

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