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Florist at work

Bouquet class

Surprise that special someone with a bouquet with a twist, your own twist.

"I would never have known that it takes so much time and effort to make just one bouquet.” We get this from customers of our bouquet workshop a lot. Indeed, the art of making a bouquet is so much more than putting flowers together and wrap them with layers of paper - it is the commitment and care behind your self-made bouquet that make it all the more precious.

What will you learn?  

  • Handling of floral materials

  • Colour harmonies in floral design

  • Techniques of making a hand-tied bouquet

  • Techniques of wrapping a hand-tied bouquet

  • Care and maintenance 

Fee and what is included?  

HK$780 per person

Limited offer:

20% off for 2 persons, 30% off for 4 persons or more 


Including all materials (fresh flowers, wrapping papers) and the use of tools

*10% profit of the workshop will be contributed for community purposes

Floral arrangement

Freshen up your room with a self-made floral arrangement. 


Floral craft

Unleash the artist in you, make your own artistic piece from scratch.

Wedding bouquet

Handmade your wedding bouquet in your style, create memories of a lifetime.

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