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Floral craft

Unleash the artist in you, make your own artistic piece from scratch.


Floral crafts come in various shapes and styles – festive wreaths, floral lamps, diffusers, bottled flowers, etc.. Because of the wider range of floral art it encompasses, our floral craft workshop, among all workshops, is probably the one that allow you to demonstrate your creativity the most. It is also a popular option among corporate clients or other customers who wish to introduce more individuality to the end product.

What will you learn?  

  • Handling of floral materials

  • Colour harmonies in floral design

  • Craft aesthetics and techniques

  • Care and maintenance 

Fee and what is included?  

HK$580 per person

Limited offer for 2 ppl : 20% off 

Including all materials (preserved flowers, containers) and the use of tools

*10% profit of the workshop will be contributed for community purposes

Floral arrangement

Freshen up your room with a self-made floral arrangement. 

Florist at work

Bouquet class

Surprise that special someone with a bouquet with a twist, your own twist.

Wedding bouquet

Handmade your wedding bouquet in your style, create memories of a lifetime.

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