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Giving back


We wish to give back to the society as much as we can.

Fulfilment is more than making a career out of passion. Puricraft grants us the gratification of making floristry more accessible not only to our customers, but also the underprivileged who can use a little token of appreciation.

Community Workshops - We are delighted to have collaborated with The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council in conducting a free fresh flower bouquet workshop with a group of young enthusiasts. Together we explored techniques of tying and wrapping a bouquet as well as some basics of fresh cut flower care and handling.


We also sponsored vase arrangement, floral craft and shimenawa (i.e. a Japanese décor made of dried and preserved flowers) workshops for local NGOs as listed below. We find solace in art; we hope more people will.


Student Internship - We understand the importance of exposure to new experiences in character building of young adults. We offered internships to aspiring female florists via ‘Youth Work Experience Programme’ of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. One of the facets of the programme serves female adolescence specifically, in the effort to provide a safe environment for them to explore their potentials and career paths.

Environmental and Animal Welfare - Flowers are gifts from the nature, the nurturer of all lives. A portion of the proceeds from our Christmas workshops and Valentines’ Day sales were dedicated to The Green Earth to support its initiatives pertaining to environmental protection.


We are flower lovers as much as animal lovers. It gives us joy to have played a part in bettering the lives of three adorable doggies under the shelter of Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center. We also made a small donation to Paws Guardian in response to its call-out for urgent financial support. In August 2022, we established Yuto Foundation to donate $10 of each workshop booking for animal welfare purposes.


Bouquet Giveaway - Even the most uneventful day would not have gone by without hassle if it weren’t for the unsung heroes who go above and beyond to maintain order in the community ─ the cleaning lady towing a heap of garbage bags twice her weight, the security guard who stays up in the middle of the winter night when we are sound asleep, the truck driver who goes the extra mile of heavy lifting, coordinating, or handling our products with extra care. We give away bouquets every now and then, just to say, ‘Thank you, we appreciate you.’

Organisations and individuals with any thoughts about our work or collaboration opportunities, please feel free to reach out.

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